Are you a die-hard fan of the Oklahoma Sooners? Do you bleed crimson and cream? If so, it’s time to up your game day style with a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey! Whether you’re cheering in the stands or watching from home, show your OU pride in a unique and personalized way. Let’s dive into all the ways you can rep your team in style with a one-of-a-kind jersey that screams Boomer Sooner spirit!

Introduction to the Oklahoma Sooners and their football history

The Oklahoma Sooners, also known as the OU Sooners, are one of the most successful and storied football programs in the history of college sports. Based at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, this team has a rich history filled with notable players and memorable moments that have solidified their status as a powerhouse in college football.

The origins of the Oklahoma Sooners can be traced back to 1895 when the university’s first football team took to the field. However, it was not until 1903 that they adopted their iconic nickname ‘Sooners,’ which is a nod to those who participated in the Land Run of 1889 – an event that played a significant role in shaping the state’s identity.

Since then, the Oklahoma Sooners’ football program has experienced several highs and lows but has consistently remained among the top-ranked teams in college football. Some of their achievements include seven national championships (1950, 1955, 1956, 1974, 1975,1985, and 2000), numerous conference titles (most recently in 2018), and producing over two hundred All-Americans.

One of the most defining moments for this team came during its dominant run under legendary head coach Barry Switzer from 1973 to 1988. During this time period alone, they won thirteen conference titles and three national championships – cementing themselves as one of the most successful eras in college football history.

In recent years, under head coach Lincoln Riley’s guidance since 2017; The Sooners have continued their dominance on both offense and defense. This success has helped them maintain their position as one of college football’s elite programs while also producing some standout NFL players like Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

Regardless of whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering your love for OU athletics; showing your pride for this iconic team through custom jerseys is a great way to celebrate their legacy. These jerseys not only represent a symbol of the team’s historic accomplishments but also serve as a token of pride for the dedicated fanbase that supports them year after year.

Next time you’re looking to show off your OU pride, consider investing in a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey and wear it with pride, knowing that you are representing one of the most iconic and successful teams in college football history.

Overview of the custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey

The University of Oklahoma is known for its rich football history and passionate fanbase. As a true Oklahoma Sooners supporter, there is no better way to show your pride than by wearing a custom OU jersey. A customized jersey not only allows you to express your loyalty to the team but also adds a personal touch that sets you apart from other fans.

A custom jersey is more than just a piece of clothing; it represents the spirit and tradition of the Oklahoma Sooners. These jerseys are made with high-quality materials and designed with attention to every detail, making them durable and comfortable to wear. Whether you’re attending a game at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium or watching from home, your custom OU jersey will make you feel like part of the team.

When purchasing a custom OU jersey, there are various options available for customization. Firstly, you can choose between an authentic on-field jersey or a replica version. The authentic jerseys feature stitched graphics and are identical to what players wear on game day, while replicas have printed graphics but still offer great quality at a lower cost.

Next, you can select which player’s name and number you want on your jersey. You can choose from current stars such as quarterback Spencer Rattler or running back Kennedy Brooks, or opt for legends like Baker Mayfield or Adrian Peterson. If none of these options appeal to you, why not personalize your jersey with your own name and favorite number?

In addition to player names and numbers, custom jerseys also offer various design elements such as alternate colors or striping patterns if desired. This customization allows fans to create their unique tribute to their beloved university.

Aside from being worn for gameday support, custom OU jerseys also make excellent gifts for friends and family who share your passion for the Sooners. Fans can even get matching personalized jerseys with their loved ones’ names as a fun way to show off their family’s OU pride.

A custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey is the ultimate representation of team spirit and individuality. It allows fans to express their support for the university while also adding a personal touch. So whether you’re cheering from the stands or watching from home, proudly display your love for the Oklahoma Sooners with a custom jersey. Boomer Sooner!

Benefits of owning a custom jersey

There are many benefits to owning a custom jersey, especially when it comes to proudly showing off your love for the Oklahoma Sooners. From personalization to quality and style, a custom jersey offers a unique and meaningful way to support your favorite team.

Personalization is perhaps the most obvious benefit of owning a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey. With customization options such as adding your name or favorite player’s name and number, you can truly make the jersey your own. This adds a special touch and makes it stand out from generic jerseys, showcasing your dedication and pride for the Sooners.

In addition to personalization, owning a custom jersey also allows you to choose from various styles and designs. Whether you want a traditional or modern look, opportunities for creativity are endless when designing your own jersey. You can incorporate different colors, patterns, fonts, and even special patches or logos that hold significance for you as an OU fan. This level of customization is not available with ready-made jerseys and gives you the chance to create something truly unique.

Aside from aesthetics, custom jerseys also offer superior quality compared to mass-produced ones. When purchasing a standard jersey from a store, there is no guarantee of its durability or comfort level. However, with custom jerseys made by reputable manufacturers using high-quality materials, you can trust in their longevity and comfortability while wearing them.

Another advantage of owning a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey is that it can serve as both fashion statement and functional clothing piece. Not only will you be showing off your school spirit at games or around town but also have practical use out of it during physical activities like playing sports or working out.

Moreover, opting for a personalized jersey over ready-made ones means supporting small businesses rather than big corporations. By choosing local manufacturers who offer customization services instead of buying from major retail chains, you are helping boost the economy of your community while getting products tailored specifically for yourself.

Owning a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey comes with a plethora of benefits that go beyond just representing your love for the team. Whether it’s personalization, unique design options, quality, versatility, or supporting small businesses, choosing a custom jersey is truly a win-win situation for OU fans. So why wait? Show off your OU pride and embrace your individuality by owning a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey today.

Step-by-step guide on how to create your custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey

Creating your own custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey is a fun and exciting way to showcase your love for the team. Whether you want to represent your favorite player or add a personal touch to your game day outfit, following these simple steps will help you create the perfect OU jersey.

Step 1: Choose Your Style

The first step is to decide what style of jersey you want. You can choose between traditional red or white jerseys with either home or away colors. Additionally, there are different styles such as long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and even limited edition throwback jerseys. Once you have decided on a style, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select Your Player

Now it’s time to choose which player’s name and number you want on your jersey. You can pick from current players like quarterback Jalen Hurts or running back Kennedy Brooks, or go with a legend like former quarterback Baker Mayfield. Whichever player you choose, make sure their name and number are spelled correctly for accuracy.

Step 3: Pick Your Size

Next up is selecting the right size for your jersey. Custom jerseys come in various sizes ranging from small to XXXL. It’s essential to know that these jerseys tend to run slightly larger than regular shirts, so consider sizing down if you’re unsure.

Step 4: Add Personalization (Optional)

To make your jersey truly unique, take advantage of the option for personalization. You can add anything from your name or favorite slogan on the back of the jersey above the number. This feature allows fans to show off their creativity while proudly supporting their team.

Step 5: Review and Buy

After completing all the customization options, it’s time for one last review before purchasing your custom OU jersey. Double-check that all chosen features are correct and ensure everything looks exactly how you want it before proceeding to checkout.

Bonus Step: Accessorize

Now that you have your custom OU jersey, take it to the next level by accessorizing with some Oklahoma Sooner gear. From hats and scarves to socks and jackets, there are endless ways to show your team pride.

Creating your own custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey is a simple process that allows you to showcase your passion for the team in a unique way. By following these easy steps, you can create a one-of-a-kind jersey that represents your love for the Sooners. Get ready to rock your personalized jersey at the next big game and stand out among other fans as a true die-hard OU supporter. Boomer Sooner!

The customization options available (color, name, number)

One of the great things about purchasing a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey is that you have a variety of customization options available to truly make it your own. From choosing your favorite color to adding your name and number, there are many ways to show off your OU pride in a unique and personal way.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the color options. The classic crimson and cream will never go out of style, but did you know that there are actually nine different shades of red used in official OU branding? This means that you can choose from a range of hues, from the traditional bold crimson to a deeper burgundy or a brighter scarlet. You can also opt for the cream color as an accent or even as the main color of your jersey to stand out from the crowd.

Next up is adding your name to the jersey. Whether you want to display your last name or nickname, this customization option gives you the chance to truly make it yours. Plus, having your name emblazoned on the back adds a personal touch and makes for a great conversation starter at games or events.

Selecting a number is another key aspect of customizing your Oklahoma Sooners jersey. Not only can you choose any number between 0-99, but each number holds special meaning for fans. For example, numbers like 7 (retired in honor of Steve Owens) and 47 (retired in honor of Lee Roy Selmon) hold significant historical value within OU football history. Or perhaps you have a lucky number or one that represents an important year or milestone in your life – now you can proudly display it on your jersey.

In addition to these customization options mentioned above, there are also other details that can be personalized such as sleeve length and fit type (standard vs. performance). Some jerseys may even allow for additional patches or logos such as conference logos or championship years.

With all these customizable features available, it’s clear that you can truly make your Oklahoma Sooners jersey one-of-a-kind. So, whether you want to match the team’s official colors or create a unique design with your own name and number, donning a custom OU jersey is the perfect way to show off your pride and support for the Sooners.

Real life examples of customized jerseys and fan reactions

As a famous saying goes, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ And what better way to show your support and pride for your favorite team than wearing a customized jersey? This is especially true for fans of the Oklahoma Sooners, one of the most successful college football teams in history.

Over the years, there have been numerous instances where customized jerseys have played a significant role in displaying fan devotion and creating unforgettable memories. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples that showcase the power of customized Sooners jerseys and how their fans have reacted to them.

1) A fan’s dedication knows no bounds:

One of the best examples comes from an Oklahoma Sooner fanatic who has been following the team since his college days. Over time, he has collected several custom-made Sooners jerseys with different players’ names on them. He proudly wears these jerseys to every game, tailgate party or any opportunity he gets to show his love for his team. His collection has become somewhat legendary among fellow OU supporters.

2) Honoring legends never goes out of style:

Another heartwarming instance was when a group of friends decided to pay tribute to their beloved football legend – Billy Sims by sporting custom-made Sooners Jerseys with his name and number on it. Seeing this gesture, many other fans also started ordering similar jerseys as a mark of respect for Sims’ remarkable contribution to the team.

3) Customized jersey as a symbol of hope:

In 2013, an unfortunate tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma – destroying everything in its path including buildings and homes. Amidst this tragedy, one man emerged as a beacon of hope when he was spotted walking through the rubble wearing an Oklahoma Sooners jersey with ‘Moore Strong’ written on it. This image quickly went viral on social media platforms and became an emblem not only for team spirit but also resilience in times of adversity.

These are just some examples that highlight how customized Oklahoma sooners jerseys have become a vital part of the team’s fan culture. Their impact goes beyond being just a piece of clothing, they are cherished possessions that represent passion, devotion and unity among Sooner fans.

So, whether you want to show your support for a particular player or simply display your love for the Oklahoma Sooners, a custom-made jersey is the perfect way to do it. And who knows, maybe one day your customized jersey might also become a legendary story shared by future generations of OU fans.

Tips for taking care of your custom jersey

Taking care of your custom jersey is essential in keeping it looking fresh and new. After investing time and money into creating a personalized Oklahoma Sooners jersey, it’s important to know how to properly maintain it. Here are some helpful tips for taking care of your custom jersey.

1. Wash with Care

Properly washing your custom jersey can make all the difference in maintaining its quality. It is recommended to wash your jersey inside out on a gentle cycle with like colors. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach as they can damage the fabric and design. Also, do not use fabric softeners as they can cause discoloration and affect the moisture-wicking properties of the jersey.

2. Air Dry

After washing, avoid putting your jersey in the dryer as high heat can shrink or damage the fabric and design. Instead, lay it flat or hang it up to air dry. This will help preserve the shape and overall appearance of your custom jersey.

3. Handle with Care

When wearing or handling your custom jersey, be mindful not to pull or stretch the material excessively as this can cause damage to both the fabric and design. It’s also important to avoid contact with sharp objects that could potentially snag or tear the fabric.

4.Don’t Iron

Avoid ironing your custom jersey as this can melt or distort any logos or lettering on the shirt.

5.Store Properly

To keep your customized Oklahoma Sooners jersey in top shape, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid fading over time.

6.Patch Up Any Damage

In case you notice any snags, loose threads, or rips on your custom jersey, patch them up immediately before further damage occurs. You can use thread that matches the color of your jersey for minor repairs.

7.Refrain from Wearing Daily

While we understand how tempting it is to show off your one-of-a-kind OU jersey every day, try not to wear it for consecutive days. Give your jersey a break in between wears to prevent excessive wear and tear.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey stays in top condition for years to come. Remember, taking care of your custom jersey is an important way of showing pride in the design and representing your team with style. So go ahead and rock that personalized jersey at the next game with confidence knowing that it’s well taken care of!

Special occasions to wear your Jersey (tailgates, game days, alumni events)

Tailgates, game days, and alumni events – these are just a few of the special occasions where you can proudly sport your custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a proud alumnus, wearing your jersey to these events is not only stylish but also shows off your OU pride in the best way possible.

Tailgating is an integral part of any college football experience, and it’s no different for Oklahoma Sooners fans. This pre-game ritual involves setting up tents, grilling delicious food, and gathering with fellow fans to gear up for the big game ahead. What better way to show your loyal support for the team than by wearing your personalized OU jersey? Not only will you stand out from the sea of crimson and cream, but you’ll also feel like an important part of the Sooners family.

On game days, it’s all about bringing on that energy and enthusiasm to cheer on our beloved Sooners. From traditional chants to iconic cheers like “Boomer Sooner,” there’s nothing quite like being at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium surrounded by thousands of other passionate fans. Wearing your custom jersey adds to this incredible atmosphere – giving you a sense of unity with everyone else as we root for our team together.

Aside from game days, alumni events are another fantastic opportunity to wear your personalized OU jersey. Whether it’s a reunion or homecoming event, showing up in style with your customized jersey is sure to make heads turn. As an alumna or alumnus of The University of Oklahoma, you carry a legacy that is ingrained in every aspect of campus life – including sports! Sporting your OU alumni t-shirt just doesn’t have the same effect as showing up with a custom jersey tailored specifically for you.

Your custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey not only represents passion for sports but also serves as a wearable memory that will last forever. It symbolizes not just athletics but also the camaraderie, traditions, and sense of community that comes with being a part of the Sooner Nation. It’s more than just a piece of clothing – it’s a statement, a source of pride, and an essential item for any special occasion related to our beloved Oklahoma Sooners.

So why wait? Order your custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey today and proudly wear it to tailgates, game days, alumni events, and beyond! Let everyone know that you bleed crimson and cream in the most stylish way possible. Boomer Sooner!


With a custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey, you can proudly display your support for the University of Oklahoma in style. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team at a game or just want to show off your pride around town, these jerseys are the perfect choice. The options for personalization also make them great gifts for any OU fan in your life. So don’t wait any longer, get yourself a custom OU jersey today and let everyone know where your loyalty lies! Boomer Sooner!


Q: Can I choose any number for my custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey?

A: Yes, you can choose any number between 0-99 for your custom jersey. Please keep in mind that some numbers may already be taken by current or former players.

Q: How long will it take to receive my custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey?

A: Production and shipping times may vary, but we strive to have all jerseys delivered within 2-4 weeks from the date of purchase. If there is a delay in production or unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Q: Can I add my own name on the back of the jersey?

A: Yes, you can customize your jersey with your last name or nickname on the back. You can choose up to 12 characters for personalization.

Q: What if I want to change something on my order after it has been placed?

A: Once an order is placed, our production team immediately begins working on fulfilling it. If changes need to be made, please contact us as soon as possible at [insert email/phone number] and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: Is there a way to preview my custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey before placing an order?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have a feature for previewing customized jerseys at this time. However, we do provide detailed descriptions of the materials used and a size chart to help ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Q:Is there an extra cost for personalizing my custom Oklahoma Sooners jersey?

A: No, personalization is included in the overall cost of your custom jersey. There are no additional fees for adding your name or preferred number on the back.

Q:Is this product available internationally?

A: Yes! We ship worldwide so that all fans can proudly represent their OU pride wherever they are located.

We hope these FAQs have answered any questions you may have about our custom Oklahoma Sooners jerseys. If there are any other concerns or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at [insert email/phone number]. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Show off your OU pride with a custom jersey today!